Technology & Licensing


We own the rights to specific technologies that help us revolutionize injection molding. We understand that these technologies have the greatest impact on the environment if their use is maximized. That is why we offer licensing programs in addition to manufacturing. 

Reduce Costs.

Revolutionize Plastic.

Produce Worldwide.

Worldwide Capabilities

Whether you want to manufacture locally or overseas, our patents are able to be licensed and implemented in the majority of industries. Depending on the product, this can save you money, create stronger materials, and decrease your carbon footprint.


We understand that it doesn’t make sense for products to be manufactured in just one place. That is why we work closely with our clients to implement our technologies at the locations that work best for them. We have saved our clients millions, in just freight and logistics costs alone. 

Long-term Relationships

Sometimes the goals of our clients go beyond manufacturing. Working alongside them on projects from start to finish ensures we build products and brands that everyone can be proud of. In many cases, our relationships have turned into partnerships as we have built brand new companies with our clients. 

Our Capabilities

Licensing our technology can allow you to produce injection molded parts at a reduced cost or with greater PCR content. Furthermore, our manufacturing resources, logistic connections and marketing specialists allow us to see your products' success on store shelves.

All together, Plascon Plastics offers the solutions you need to build strong products and brands. 

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Chief Executive Officer
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Some of our clients:

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