Injection Molding


We don’t expect companies to understand material blends, formulas, and mold designs as much as we do. Our team can help bridge the gap between a company's environmental goals and the details of plastic manufacturing.

Sustainable Materials.

1 Million Monthly Units.

Unlimited Possibilities.


Building a mold can be extremely costly for injection molding. It is imperative that the product designs and material blends are done correctly before any molds are produced. Perfecting the prototype of plastic products can save millions of dollars in materials, time, and labor alone.


Our team of sustainability experts have experience working with a wide range of eco-friendly plastic alternatives. Whether that is PCR, repurposed car tires, or dissolving materials like PVOH, we are able to injection mold your products to meet and even exceed the sustainability goals of your company. 

Material Blends

The difference between a product succeeding or failing could be as simple as the material it’s made from. We have experience working with a wide range of materials across numerous industries. 

Our Capabilities

Based in Metro Vancouver, we can help you bring a new product to market, or bring your manufacturing back to the West Coast. We bring a team with experience in a wide range of industries and backgrounds, meaning your final product will be exactly what you envisioned.

Ready to get started?

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Mark Constantine
Chief Executive Officer
Lush Cosmetics

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