Business Development


Our work in a wide range of industries has given us extensive knowledge of plastic manufacturing. We look at problems with an open mind to implement revolutionary ideas for your business.

New Industries.

Improve Logistics.

Increase Sustainability.

Find Your Pain Points

Our work within various industries has given us insight into the pain points of each. Problems are often similar and finding a solution in one industry can open the door to many others. We frequently consult businesses on freight, logistics, and general manufacturing practices.

Build Brand Extensions

We have found ways for our clients to build brand extensions with their current product lines. Our clients are often unaware that their product can assist more people and industries than they realize. We present new customer segments and the ability to modify current products to meet different targets. From there, our marketing team can assist with product messaging, packaging, and digital advertisement. 

Worldwide Growth

We have extensive relationships with manufacturers across North America. Due to freight, it is often not financially productive to manufacture at Plascon. We never hesitate to outsource to injection molders and license our technologies so that production can take place near you.

Plascon Proven Process

From injection molding here at Plascon, to finding new materials, to reaching sustainability mandates we can help. Plascon Plastics has partnered with global brands to take their products to the next level. Whether you are producing 100,000 units or 100 millions units, we have the capabilities  to ensure your project's success. 

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Mark Constantine
Chief Executive Officer
Lush Cosmetics

Some of our clients:

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