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Why Work With Us?

Plascon Plastics is a leader in the plastics industry, however we make sure this doesn’t slow us down. We are a very dynamic, high-growth company working with many respected and successful brands. We look to continually push the industry forward with our sustainable manufacturing processes and innovative business ideas.

Plascon Plastics selects employees based not only on their skill set and professional experience, but also on their ability to grow. We are committed to the development of our people so that they can be the best possible version of themselves. We want to see them be successful both within our organization and in their personal endeavours.

We find one of the best ways to push this growth is by encouraging our employees to wonder and think outside the box. In doing so, many members of our team have helped identify new opportunities. Whether it was spotting a way to make our supply chain more efficient or finding an external opportunity that we and our clients could help solve, our employees have been paramount to our success.