North America's Injection Molding Specialist.

At Plascon Plastics, we specialize in developing products through injection molding. Located in Vancouver, we provide services to businesses looking for sustainable manufacturing solutions in the North America.

As leaders in plastic manufacturing, we work closely with our clients to find innovative and cost-effective ways to differentiate their injection molded products. Whether that is through the use of PCR and other sustainable materials, or by designing better performing molds, we work with you every step of the way to create products we can all be proud of.

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Our Sustainable Difference.

Plastic products are a global issue. While plastic provides us with many benefits, we must be good stewards in order to make sure that the benefits outweigh the harm. Recycling plastic is not always easy. That is why we pride ourselves as sustainability leaders in the injection molding industry. Our technology allows us to turn waste stream materials into brand new products. Instead of adding to this global problem, we aim to solve it.

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Post consumer recycled (PCR) plastics consist of household blue box recyclables. This material is harder to process than post industrial recycled (PIR) plastic.
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Many carpet fibres are made out of plastics. Using our technology, these fibres can be separated at the end of their life and made into brand new products.
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Collected tires are ground up utilizing our patented process. We are able to make new products utilizing a very high percentage of recycled car tires.
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Our technology allows us to harvest ocean plastics and turn them into brand new products.
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Our most recent initiative is to create bio-plastics. This includes plastics that breakdown faster as well as fully bio-degradable materials such as hemp.
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Plascon is a dedicated expert in mold design, product manufacturing, and injection molding.

Our primary emphasis lies in seamlessly integrating eco-friendly materials to assist brands in realizing their sustainability objectives.

With decades of experience in the plastics industry, we identify and capture global opportunities. Our formulas, logistical solutions, and patents have been used across multiple global industries. We also partner with exciting companies and handle all of their operational needs. This includes developing, manufacturing and distribution. We go one step further and have even developed new businesses with previous clients.

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