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Our Company.

From Humble Beginnings.

Plascon Plastics was founded on a simple goal, to find a better way to use the plastic waste we create everyday. 

It all started with injection molding. We found ways to make products out of waste stream materials. We turned old tires into flower pots and ocean plastics into cosmetic containers. We are one of the first companies in North America to specialize in injection molding PCR materials and are proud to be difference makers in the industry.

Today, we are so much more than injection molding. We partner and collaborate with global brands who seek expertise in creating sustainable products and businesses. We’ve invented new formulas, created new materials and revolutionized supply chains that not only saved our customers money, but also created products that change the world for the better.

Whether it’s ongoing research and development for new materials or technologies, or partnerships and collaborations for your next sustainable product lines, Plascon is North America’s trusted source for all your waste stream plastic needs.

GROW: Our Core Values

"Grow" represents the core values of Plascon Plastics. They have been part of our company from the beginning and are the foundation to every decision made. From our manufacturing and warehouse staff, to head office and business development, they are an integral part to the growth of our company throughout the years.

Using our core values, we have seen our people grow through training and support. Our people and teams have become stronger and our customers have become family.

Relationships: We believe in supporting our people’s strengths. Assemblers have become quality operations, material handlers have become supervisors and managers have become teachers. The people here have created a strong foundation for our company. Our product isn’t just plastics, it’s peace of mind.

Operational Excellence: We believe in making things more efficient. The smallest changes can make a difference everywhere you look. Customers rely on us for our operational excellence. We worry, so you don’t have to.

Wonder: Everything starts from wonder. We wondered if we could put efforts and resources into tackling global issues. We have succeeded into creating highly sustainable solutions for global companies and use PCR materials to create award winning products.

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Our Team.

From Coworkers to Family.

We built our team around people who are passionate and experienced in the plastic industry. We work hard to develop solutions and products to fit your needs while doing our part in providing a greener future for all.

Plascon Plastics is a leader in the plastics industry, however, we make sure this doesn’t slow us down. We are a very dynamic, high-growth company working with many respected and successful brands. We look to continually push the industry forward with our sustainable manufacturing processes and innovative business ideas.

While our team consists of over 50 employees, here are just a few who play external roles.

Our Leadership.

Clark Chow

CEO & President

Scott Vigliotti

VP Operations