Our Company

Plascon Plastics is a green technology development company with a basis in injection molding.

We have developed processes to injection mold 100% PCR into products across many industries. This includes agricultural, retail, manufacturing, storage, automation and commercial construction segments.

Whether you need our injection molding services, patents or logistical support, we are here to help.

Our Values

Our 4 core values shape every decision we make at Plascon Plastics.

GROW (Growth, Relationships, Operational Excellence and Wonder) serves as a guiding light for all of our business goals.

Our People

While our team consists of more than 50 employees, here are a few that play external roles.

Each member of this team has been recognized in the plastic industry over the years for their creativity, dedication, and passion.
President of Plascon Plastics
HR / Quality Manager
HR and Quality Manger
Tooling / Engineering
Tooling and Engineering Manager
Customer Service
Customer Service at plascon
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Production Planner
Production Manager