Sustainability Leadership


Plascon can help you get post-consumer recyclables into your products. We have worked with car tires, ocean plastics, electronics, and typical blue bin recycled material. 

Ocean Plastic.

Injection Mold Car Tires.

Sustainable Plastics.


Our patented technology allows us to injection mold recycled car tires. This gives us the ability to improve existing, injection-molded products, or create entirely new products altogether. Using car tires can lower your costs, add flexibility to your products, and help you reach your sustainability goals.


Working with PCR is always an expensive and daunting undertaking. At Plascon, our roots are in virgin plastic alternatives. We have a long history of working with PCR materials and are able to assist in the decision-making process along the way.

Sustainability Leadership

Our work with companies and organizations such as Lush Cosmetics, Keruig, and Ocean Legacy have given us tremendous experience in creating new recycling systems and products. Whether that’s making parts out of PCR material or creating an entire recycling program, we can help in every stage.

Our Capabilities

Sustainability can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Materials such as crumb rubber, from used tires, is a great way to introduce PCR into your products while also decreasing cost. Crumb rubber can easily replace up to 90% of virgin resin, which can cut your costs by 50%.

Ready to start using PCR materials?

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Mark Constantine
Chief Executive Officer
Lush Cosmetics

Some of our clients:

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