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Our Company

Plascon Plastics is a green technology development company with a basis in injection molding.

We have developed processes to injection mold 100% PCR into products across many industries. This includes agricultural, retail, manufacturing, storage, automation and commercial construction segments.

Whether you need our injection molding services, patents or logistical support, we are here to help.

Our Services

Injection Molding

Our facility holds 10 injection molding machines ranging from 100 to 1000 ton clamping force and has the production capability of producing over 1 million units per month. We handle the injection molding requirements for some of the world's largest cosmetic, flooring and container companies. We economically supply the Pacific North West down to Southern California. 

We don’t expect companies to understand material blends, formulas and mold designs as much as we do. Our team can help bridge the gap between a company's environmental goals and the details of plastic manufacturing.

Building a mold can be extremely costly for injection molding. It is imperative that the product and material blends are done correctly before any molds are produced. Perfecting the prototype of plastic products can easily save millions of dollars in manufacturing time and labour alone.

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Sustainability Leadership

Many of our customers do not know where to start with plastic sustainability. We help advise their sustainability and marketing teams towards sustainable manufacturing. 

Plascon can help you get post-consumer recyclables into your products. We have worked with car tires, ocean plastics, electronics and typical post-consumer waste. 

However, we do much more than just work with PCR. Our relationships with other manufacturers can ensure we find efficient supply chains to reduce the carbon footprint from freight. Our design team can help design products that are easier to manufacture or require less plastic.

Technology and Licensing

We own the rights to specific technologies that helped us revolutionize injection molding. We understand that these technologies have the greatest impact on the environment if their use is maximized. That is why we offer licensing programs in addition to manufacturing. 

Licensing our technology can allow you to produce injection molded parts at a reduced cost or with greater PCR content.
should you want to manufacture at Plascon or bring our technology to your current organization, contact us to learn more about our patents.

Business Development

Think of us as your manufacturing partner or specialists rather than injection molding vendors.
Our work within various industries has given us insight into the pain points of each. Problems are often similar and finding a solution in one industry can open the door to many others. We frequently consult businesses on freight, logistics and general manufacturing practices.
Additionally, we have found ways for our clients to build brand extensions with their current product lines. Our clients are often unaware that their product can assist more people and industries than they realize. We present new target segments and the ability to access customers. 

At last, we have extensive relationships with manufacturers across North America. Due to freight, it is often not financially productive to manufacture at Plascon. We never hesitate to outsource to injection molders and license our technologies so that production can take place near you.

Our Team

While our team consists of over 50 employees, here are just a few who play external roles.

We built our team around people who are passionate and experienced in the plastic industry. We work hard to develop solutions and products to fit your needs while doing our part in providing a greener future for all.




HR / Quality Manager


Tooling / Engineering Manager


Customer Service


Mechanical Engineer


Production Planner

Our Media

Our Plascon Proven Process and YouTube channel are built to help educate you about the technologies and processes we use at Plascon. 

The PDF available below outlines the “Plascon Proven Process", which is the system that allows us to be leaders in injection molding and has helped save our clients millions of dollars. 

Our YouTube channel offers a detailed look into our wide range of company services, products and partnerships.