Plascon Plastics Commitment to Partnering with Innovative Solutions for Ocean Cleanup

Plascon Plastics is committed to working with innovative and vital resources committed to cleaning up our oceans. 

The government of British Columbia’s CleanBC Plastics Action Plan supports a circular economy for plastics including funding the largest shoreline cleanup of ocean plastics in provincial history through the Clean Coast, Clean Waters initiative. The Clean Coast, Clean Waters initiative has cleaned nearly 4,000 kilometers of shoreline, removed more than 1,000 tonnes of debris, and recycled or upcycled 65% of recovered shoreline materials.

Plascon Plastics has worked closely with Ocean Legacy Foundation, a Canadian based non-profit organization that was founded in 2013 with the goal to end ocean plastic waste. Ocean Legacy Foundation works with communities and industry to collect plastic waste and transform it into usable material. Plascon Plastics is then able to present these ocean plastic materials as viable alternatives to virgin plastics in existing and new products.

We have global brands incorporating ocean based plastics into their products today. Plascon Plastics has the expertise with product design and material management in order to overcome the technical challenges of using recovered materials. Some examples of the materials we currently use are composed of broken and discarded oyster baskets, fishing ropes, and nets.

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