Manufacturing Sectors Turn To Plascon Plastics To Advance Their Sustainability Goals

Plascon Plastics collaborates with well-established enterprises in pursuit of design, material, and product excellence within the realm of injection molding, aiding them in attaining their sustainability objectives. Our engagement primarily involves partnering with North American corporations that are interested in reshoring their existing products or incorporating recycled components into their current offerings, requiring specialized injection molding proficiency along with sustainable and reclaimed materials. We have a distinct focus on establishing enduring relationships with firms aiming to secure a dependable and enduring domestic supply chain partner to fulfill their sustainability aspirations.

Presently, Plascon is actively engaged with multiple global enterprises committed to diminishing their carbon footprint via the integration of sustainable resources. Our sourcing practices revolve around securing materials from ecologically sound and traceable origins, spanning from oceanic plastics to post-consumer and industrial origins. By doing so, we contribute to addressing the challenge of waste materials that would otherwise find their way into our oceans and landfills.

MORE ON LINKEDIN - Lush Cosmetics collaborated with PlasCon to become the first large cosmetic brand to use 100% Post Consumer Recycled plastic for their cosmetic containers

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