CleanBC Plastics Action Fund Recipient

Plascon has been named a recipient of “The CleanBC Plastics Action Fund.” 

This, 5 million dollar fund, was put in place by the BC government with the goal of turning used plastics into new opportunities. Plascon Plastics received $600,000 from this grant which will go towards creating the first child-safe cannabis container made from 100% recycled plastic.

In collaboration with Uneka, a packaging design and development company based in California, we have designed a prototype plastic cannabis tray made from 100% PCR plastic that will be manufactured locally here in Delta. This first-of-its-kind products, combines the PCR manufacturing expertise of our facility, with the design experience of Uneka. This gives us a visually appealing product that contains 100% recycled materials.  Our goal is to show the industry that using PCR materials can create a product that is comparable and can even surpass the quality and economic benefits of it’s virgin counterparts.

This grant will enable us to push the boundaries of PCR manufacturing. We’ll be able to design molds, buy equipment and use new technologies in sustainable plastic manufacturing.

This product is currently still in the development and design phase but should start hitting shelves by 2022.

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