CleanBC Plastics Action Fund

This week, Plascon Plastics had the Minister of Environment, George Heyman, here at our production facility. “British Columbians deeply value our environment, and we all want to find solutions to keep plastics from polluting our lands and waterways,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. The funding we received from the CleanBC Plastics Action Fund has gone a long way into the production and research needed for new products to be made from PCR plastics. 

“As part of Budget 2022, the Province is dedicating nearly $10 million to fund projects that will reduce the use of new plastic, expand reuse of plastics, and increase the use of post-consumer recycled plastic. This second intake of the Plastics Action Fund includes dedicated funding for businesses that are developing systems for reuse, and Indigenous-led projects.” - BC Gov News

Increasing the production of PCR plastics not only reduces waste stream plastics today, but will also decrease the cost of future PCR plastic product production. With every breakthrough we have with finding new ways to sort and utilize waste stream material, the sooner we will reach a world where recycled plastics within all products becomes the norm. 

"The funding we received through the CleanBC Plastics Action Fund enabled Plascon to create the first child-safe cannabis container made from 100% recycled plastic. These containers demonstrate how products made from post-consumer recycled plastics are comparable to those made from virgin plastics. If you factor in the benefits to the economy and the environment, using waste-stream materials outperforms the use of new plastic.” - Clark Chow, President & CEO, Plascon Plastics

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