Marine Plastic Litter; 2023 Coast Waste Management Conference

Plascon Plastics was delighted to be invited to take part in the 2023 Coast Waste Management Association Conference held in Victoria, BC last week. Having a committed industry partner like us, capable of exploring the potential of repurposing waste plastics in the manufacturing sector, significantly contributes to the advancement of local and sustainable recycling practices.

At Plascon Plastics, our primary focus is on assisting brands in seamlessly integrating waste plastics into their existing products. This dedication is crucial for fostering a sustainable market for these discarded plastics. Nevertheless, it's vital to understand that this process is not as simple as just replacing virgin plastics with recycled materials. It frequently requires the modification of injection molds to accommodate these materials, and careful consideration must be given to product design as well.

Plascon Plastics operates in close collaboration, acting as a vital bridge between organizations like Ocean Legacy Foundation, responsible for collecting and processing marine plastics, and brands keen on incorporating this eco-friendly material into their products. Our aim is to facilitate this synergy and promote a more sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to manufacturing.

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