January 2022


Salt Lake City, Utah

Project Type

Distribution Warehouse


Design and Manufacturing



A State of The Art Warehouse.

Amer Sports (Arc’teryx, Saloman, PeakPerformance, Atomic, Armada) was looking for an extra large automation tote, larger than anything on the market. With no luck in finding it, they came to us looking for a custom solution. 

We developed containers to work for all of their packing, storing, and automation needs. By prototyping these containers with KNAPP Automation, we ensured that they exceeded the industry standard in every aspect. By producing such containers on-site, we can save Amer Sports over 1 million dollars in freight cost alone.

With over 100,000 crates produced, we might just be the global experts in large crate production. 

What if the containers break over time? No Problem. With our technology, we can grind them up and produce a brand new one at a fraction of the cost.